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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are there eggs in Your Family's Pasta?
No! Our pasta is truely Vegan and our Gluten-Free pasta is certified organic also.

Q. Is pasta in the grocery store really 2-3 years old? 

That's what we have always heard too. We don't know if that is exactly true, but our pasta is FRESH. Made just two or three weeks before you prepare it for your family.

Q. Can I distribute flavored pasta in my community? 
Yes (if nobody else is). Your Family's Pasta is a great seller at Farmers Markets across the country. Contact Steve Rubenstein at steve@pastaflavors.com to see if an opportunity in your area is available.

Q. Are there any local retailers of Your Family's Pasta in our area? 
No. Your Family's Pasta is only sold at local Farmers Markets or on line direct to the consumers.


Our flavored pastas are naturally low in fat. Loving made by our certified chefs for your family's dinner table. Please select from the categories listed below to review all of our fresh, dry, and handmade pastas.