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Welcome to Your Family's Pasta - We are glad to see you.

Cooking Hints

The most important hint is to cook Pasta that you and your family will enjoy. So when it comes to boiling times, ingredients, and meal planning, please always consider what is most enjoyable in your home.

Getting Started

If your family likes salt or oil in the water used for boiling the Pasta, then it will not hurt to continue the practice.  Please remember that we always wish pasta to be a healthy meal and we like to keep down the use of salt.  We always keep salt to a minimum, but many cooks love the way it brings out the flavor in the Pasta.  A good hint is moderation in all we do.

Boiling Times

Boiling times for Pasta depend solely on the tastes of your family.  Some like Pasta that is tenderer, while others like their Pasta firm to very firm.  Since this is a matter of taste, please start testing your Pasta at 4 - 5 minutes.  Cooking it longer is not a problem, and may in fact be desired.  The ultimate goal is to have the tenderness that is most appealing to your family.  Please remember this hint: Never over cook your Pasta.  If you have boiled it to the exact tenderness, then rinse in cold water to stop the cooking process.

Keep Stiring to a Minimum

It is important to stir the Pasta as it boils.  However, our pasta can be over stirred.  This can cause Linguine to break apart.  Our Chefs work hard to prepare flavored Pasta that incorporates the flour and the vegetables, but over stirring can cause that bond to break.  Remember just to stir to keep the Pasta from sticking.

Cooking Pasta into Meals

When Pasta is part of a meal and will be put into a skillet or pan with vegetables, chicken, or seafood, be sure to under cook a little as it will be cooked a little bit more in the pan with the rest of your meal.  Use ingredients your family enjoys.  We will always have recipe suggestions, but substitute food that is most enjoyed in your home.


Our flavored pastas are naturally low in fat. Loving made by our certified chefs for your family's dinner table. Please select from the categories listed below to review all of our fresh, dry, and handmade pastas.